ABIZZ Consultancy is an independent partner for:

  • Specialized in turnkey delivery German GmbH
  • Practical sounding board in current personnel issues
  • Independent intermediary in company sales, mergers and company takeovers
  • Brainstorming with experience experts
  • Advice on hubs and foreign branches
  • Project-based approach to personnel issues for drivers, logistics employees, technical personnel and planners through our sister company:
  • ABIZZ Consultancy works exclusively in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations

What characterizes us Our specialization: Solutions / Added Value Services

  • ABIZZ Consultancy is a Dutch company
  • We have been successfully operating in the market for more than 12.5 years
  • Our people have decades of experience in transport & logistics
  • Our core values are: Quality, Tranquility, Solid, Professionalism
  • Our working method is: Say what you do and do what you say
  • Our customers are renowned companies in the transport & logistics sector
  • Our customers are mainly located in the Benelux and Germany
  • We have extensive knowledge of the European legislation and regulations of the labor market for transport & logistics and European labor market developments


Establish a GmbH in Germany

Establish a GmbH

Why would I want to set up a German subsidiary (GmbH)?

  • Better inflow of personnel!
  • Being able to comply with the Mobility Package!
  • Cost price wise: lower man costs per car per year (20-30%)!
  • Better market and competitive position!
  • Unlimited cabotage!
  • Imago (German number plates)!
  • Access to Europe's largest economy!
  • Accessibility from the Netherlands and/or Belgium!
  • Fiscal accounting the same connection and level as in NL/BE!
  • Stability and continuity of the German public authorities!

Want to know more? Contact the specialists of ABIZZ Consultancy!

Step-by-step plan for establishing GmbH

A step-by-step plan will be drawn up together with you using a practical and systematic approach. All the ins and outs are discussed with you and carried out for you.

Step-by-step plan

ABIZZ Consultancy fully guides you throughout the entire process and carries out everything for you, such as:

  • Looking for a transport experienced notary
  • Ensuring the registration of the GmbH at the court
  • Searching for a location
  • Puts you in touch with an experienced transport accountant
  • Apply for the transport permit (quite complex)
  • Set up salary structures
  • Legal Affairs
  • Labor contracts for personnel
  • Recruiting required personnel
  • You will receive guidance for a year about all the ins and outs regarding the GmbH.

More info? Ask the consultants of ABIZZ Consultancy!

The BV and the GmbH. Know the differences!

bv and gmbh differences

The Dutch private company (B.V.) and the German "Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH)" - a comparison!

Logistics is not only one of the Top Sectors in the Netherlands, but our eastern neighbors also focus on the international competitive position within Transport & Logistics. Just like in the Netherlands, this international competitive position in Germany is seen as a huge growth market, which is largely determined by freight transport and logistics.

The German government is currently investing heavily in the further expansion and optimization of the infrastructure and in the further development of the transport and logistics sector in order to further strengthen this position. This offers opportunities for Dutch/Belgian companies active in (Int.) transport and logistics.

German companies are very interested in NL/BE transport companies.

It is important to make the right choice for which legal form. The GmbH is the most common legal form in Germany, just like the B.V. in the Netherlands.

Need advice and guidance when setting up a German GmbH? Please contact one of the consultants of ABIZZ Consultancy B.V.

The director of a GmbH

director gmbh

Here is a (random) brief summary of the tasks and responsibilities of the Geschäftsführer (GF) of a German company in the form of a GmbH (comparable to our B.V.), where the most important thing is that the GF must comply with all legal standards and rules. relationships as they also apply to a Dutch company.

  • The Gesellschafter (shareholder) is the owner of the company.
  • The Geschäftsführer (director) must at all times be a natural person in Germany.
  • German law applies.
  • The director is responsible for the day-to-day management and may therefore act on behalf of the GmbH.
  • Liability of the GmbH is in principle limited to the assets of the GmbH.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact the consultants of ABIZZ Consultancy B.V.

German labor law

German labor law

Employees in Germany?

In order to cope with the current shortage on the labor market within transport & logistics, we work with a project-based approach to (structural) personnel issues within your HRM policy. We do this through guidance and advice, drawing up employment contracts, wage calculations for various work systems with a focus on the appointment of Eastern European employees. Foreign drivers would like to work on a "sound" German contract in which various matters such as Kindergeld and Krankenkasse are well arranged. In addition, they have fewer problems with weekends away from home, which means that a higher production of approximately 5% can be achieved. With a sophisticated exchange system you realize a continuous occupancy.

German employment law does differ from that in the Netherlands or Belgium with regard to the number of temporary contracts, probationary period, notice period, etc. In addition, German dismissal law is more flexible than that in NL/BE.

Be well informed. Ask our ABIZZ Consultancy specialists.



Germans generally find a sense of security important when doing business. Chauvinism is high on the agenda. For that reason, a German likes to do business with a German company. A company in Germany gives you the guarantee that everything is done according to German rules. Moreover, with a German subsidiary you are more visible and easier to find for your German (potential) customers, making acquisition on the German market easier.

There are certainly points for attention when starting a company in Germany. For example, the German rules are different than you are used to in the Netherlands or Belgium. So let yourself be well informed about this process.

Do you want to know more? Contact a consultant from ABIZZ Consultancy B.V.

Employees in Germany

employees germany

Because of the generally known German stability and continuity of the German government authorities (Grundlichkeit and Punktlichkeit), many employees find it interesting to work on a German employment contract, among other things because of all fringe benefits.

We advise you on attracting new employees, creating peace of mind in your HR policy. We also take care of work and remuneration systems and structures and prepare all paperwork.

Would you like to know more about employees on the German payroll? Please feel free to contact the consultants of ABIZZ Consultancy B.V.

Transport and logistics to Germany

Transport and logistics

Growth market transport and logistics in Germany. As in the Netherlands, Germany's international competitive position is largely determined by freight transport and logistics. The German government is currently investing heavily in the further expansion and optimization of the infrastructure and in the further development of the transport and logistics sector, in order to strengthen the international competitive position. An increase in both freight and passenger transport is therefore expected in Germany in the coming years. This offers opportunities for the Dutch business community active within transport and logistics.

Do you have questions about transport and logistics in Germany? Please feel free to contact ABIZZ Consultancy B.V.


If you need to discuss the bottlenecks you experience every day and the possible solution, please contact us for an appointment.

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